Cap'n Lissie the Red

 πŸŽ΅ Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale 🎡
🎡 A tale of a fateful trip🎡
 πŸŽ΅ That started from this tropic port 🎡
🎡 Aboard this pirate ship 🎡

 Arr!  Stop yer bloody singin', ya landlubbers! 
I be Cap'n Lissie the Red, the meanest pirate on the south seas 'n me ship be called the Unpleasant Lady.

 But I be castaway on this forsaken isle, whilst me ship be somewharrr' out tharrr'.
  We be diggin' treasure when the pirate ship Barbie-rosa, sailed round the isle and fired six-pounders upon me Lady.
Those lily-livered hands on me Lady sailed off and marooned me here.
 I wager those scurvy dog mutineers be loungin' about in some quiet lagoon... drinkin' me grog... 'n my rum... 'n me beer!
Or maybe they got me Unpleasant Lady blown to pieces!
Bunch of good fer nothin', bilge rat, scallywags!
 May the lot of  'em rot in Davy Jones' Locker!

There be me Lady!

Aye... me hearties... I knew those good lads 'n lasses be comin' aft' me 'n not leave me deserted here. Such fine 'n brave young sea dogs, they be. 

I be shippin' out soon.
Feel free to recommence yer singin'!