Mad Science! Part 5 - The sink.

 The frame for the shelf is made from my building set. (Wood dowels and cpvc pipe fixtures.)  My Dad and his neighbor built the sink.
The hanging lights are made from copper sheeting, rolled into cones with battery operated lights attached to the inside of the cone.

We found these tiny battery operated lights in the bridal section of the craft store.  You twist them to turn them on and off.  The batteries last several hours. 
The Eiffel Tower is a Christmas tree ornament.  The ship is a replica of a vintage toy.  The crystal ball is a roller ball mouse from a computer.  It's sitting on an egg cup with a battery operated light inside the cup to make the ball glow.
The counter top is covered with contact paper that looks like marble and the wall is papered with scrapbook paper.
Half of the counter is the brain dissection and research area.  
I forgot to finish the laptop typewriter.  I had all kinds of gears and things to add. Oh well, next time! 
The brain and scalpel are made from polymer clay.
The other side is the dish washing and lunch eating area.
The sink is a paper clip holder.  The bubbles are beads.  The sponge on a stick is polar fleece on a wire stuffed into a piece of drinking straw.  The dish soap is an eye drop bottle.
Lunch is  grilled cheese and pickles.  Yum!
The test tubes are made from 3cc oral medicine syringes, the kind the vet gives you when you have to give liquid medicine to your cat.  I removed the plunger, clipped off the tip and scrubbed off the marking lines.  The rack is made from balsa wood but cardboard would have been easier.  
 The bulletin board is made from scrap book paper and I found the pictures on the internet and "pinned" them to the "board" with a glue stick.  Then I added a few mini post-it notes and a creepy crawler bug.

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