Mad Science! Part 3 - The bookcase.

 My Dad built the book case and I drilled little holes in the back of each shelf and inserted tiny battery operated Christmas lights.    

The top shelf has a bottle of eyeballs, a heart, some guts, a jar of pickles and a strange creature living in a covered container.  These were all made from polymer clay suspended in acrylic water.  

Many of my bottles and jars came from the craft store but some are flea market and eBay finds.  The pickle jar is a salt shaker and the creature's container is a gumball machine egg.  You know the ones where you get the prize.  We painted the lid, glued a small wooden finial on the top and glued the container on a wooden candle cup.

The crystal ball is a small plastic Christmas tree ornament perched on top of a wooden candle cup.

 Next comes Smudge, the hamster.  He's a little nervous about living with a mad scientist!  Smudge is an eraser and he lives in a small plastic candy bin that we found in the $1 bins at the craft store.  His wheel is made from plastic, his water bottle is a little glass vial from the jewelry section in the craft store.  His food and dish is polymer clay and his bedding is saw dust.  

The books are AG mini-doll books, covered with scrap book paper.

 The purple gunk in the glass pot is clear window caulk that was tinted with shavings of oil pastel crayons. It's a lot of work to mix them together and takes about a week to cure.

 Most of the tiny bottles and jars came from the scrap book section of the craft store.  I found the labels online, printed them very small and glued them on the bottles, which I filled with herbs, spices, beads, flour, stones, jewelry bits, liquid soap, seeds...  whatever I could find. 


That box... that's a time machine.  It's made from a card board box, painted, with doodads and charms and buttons and things glued on to it. 

The fire extinguisher is a keychain/cigarette lighter. 

Those gold bottles in the bottom right hand corner... those are going to be the engines for a jet pack!


That sweet little telephone came from the dollar storeIt was a tough decision between using this one or Kit's phone.  Those bottles in the back are bead bottles.

The plasma ball is made from a large plastic Christmas tree ball, colored craft wire, a battery operated votive candle that changes colors and a wooden candle stick.

I cut assorted lengths of wire and curled them around a paint brush handle.  They are glued to the inside of the ball's opening with a low temp glue gun.

The light bulb from the votive is inserted into the neck of the ball and wrapped with foil because it wasn't very pretty.