How to Make a Tricorn Hat.

If you don't have one of Felicity's tricorn hats and you wish you had one, here is an easy way to make it yourself. 
August 2009

You will need a felt bowler (derby). I bought this one from an on-line craft store.
"What size is that hat?" you ask.
Good question! These are the actual measurements of my hat:
  • Outside Diameter: 6" long by 5.75" wide. (That's a straight line from edge to edge of the brim.) 
  •  The Inside Diameter: 4" long by 3.75" wide. (That's a straight line from one side of the head hole to the other side of the head hole.)
  • Outside Crown Circumference: 12.5" (That's all the way around the crown.)

 You will also need: 
  • a spray bottle of water  
  • some straight (sewing) pins OR 6 pinchy style clothes pins and 3 craft (popsicle) sticks. 
  • And something to decorate your hat. Braided trim, marabou, ribbon, cord, feathers, buttons, charms, gears, or whatever makes you happy.
The first step is to spritz water on the brim of the hat. Spritz the top and the bottom of the brim, all the way around and let it sit a few minutes. 

Repeat this step 1 or 2 more times, until the brim is soft and flexible. 

Don't over saturate it! Moist is good. Wet and soggy is bad and makes it hard to work with. If it gets too wet, let it dry a few minutes before you continue. 

Try not to get the crown (top) of the hat wet. You don't want that to loose it's shape.  

 Fold up 3 sides of the brim to make a triangle shape and stick the pins through the brim and into the crown of the hat. The pins will hold the brim in place while it dries. 

You may need to spritz it with a little more water as your work.

This is what it will look like from the top. 

Notice how the hat is oval shaped. Make sure the brim on the back (short) side is straight and the 2 other (long) sides angle toward the front to form a gentle point. (The brim on this hat is very small so it won't be as pointy as Felicity's tricorn hat.) 

Let the hat dry, checking it periodically for the first hour or 2, to make sure the pins don't pull out and that it's drying nicely and keeping it's shape.

Another option is to hold the brim in place with craft sticks and clothes pins. (I left my pins in but you don't need to use them.)

This method has pros and cons. 

Pro: You won't have to watch it dry and it makes a nice crisp brim. 

Con: It may leave marks and creases on your hat. The trim you add may cover the marks but maybe not.

Let the hat dry completely, about 24 hours. 

Glue your trim of choice all the way around the edge of the brim. (Start and finish gluing on the side where you plan to add your decoration.) Let the glue dry.

Add your decorations of choice. (Use a pinchy style clothes pin to hold things in place as the glue dries.) 

I added a plume of feathers and a tiny cameo button. (The button had a shank which I cut off with wire cutters.) 

I highly recommend Fabri-Tac glue. It grabs tight so trims don't slide around while your working and it dries fast and clear.



Wear your hat proudly!