In Memory of Sassy.

November 2011
Matthew, my son, chose Sassy at the animal shelter on Nov. 30, 1998. She was about 3 years old and had been left there because she had been replaced by a human baby.
She immediately became the queen of our castle and she made sure everyone knew that she was the boss. She wasn't afraid to give you a swat if she though you needed on. In fact, she would swat you just because you were there. Her job was to keep everyone in line and she did a good job.
Sassy always had to be a part of every project I was working on and sometimes that meant she played dolls with me.

Would you two shut up!
I'm trying to sleep here.
A Kiss on the nose does much toward turning aside anger.
                                  ~ Snoopy
No, I will not help her peel potatoes.
Eww! I think this thing needs a diaper change.
I will wear this now, but you have to sleep sometime....
I shall seek my revenge later.

What do you mean this bed is for Bitty Babies?
Hence forth, this shall be a Bitty Kitty bed.
This doll mattress passes my exceedingly high quality control specifications.
My beloved Sassy cat was put to sleep on Aug. 17, 2007 after a 2 1/2 year battle with chronic kidney disease.

There is no death.
Only a change of worlds. 
                                 ~ Chief Seattle
Godspeed, sweet Sassy.
Sassy 1995-2007
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